Why You Should Always Have a Plant in the Shower

By Arnie Fernandes  •  On 29 May 2023

The practise of bringing plants into the bathroom is becoming increasingly common. Some people might think it's weird to keep a plant in the shower, but because of all the steam, it's actually one of the best places for a plant to be. If you use it, you will reap its many rewards.

Putting a plant in the bathroom will not only make the room look better, but there are other benefits to doing so as well. The following are some of these benefits:

  • ability to enhance indoor air quality as a result of plants' dual role as air purifiers and oxygen generators.
  • Help eliminate germs and soak up excess water so you're not greeted by a cloud of steam every time you exit the shower.

Choose a plant carefully for your bathroom shower by making sure it can handle the humidity and low light levels. Because of the constraints of the space, plants that grow too tall or too large are usually not a good option for a bathroom. The success of your plant is also affected by environmental factors such as humidity and lighting.

Choosing the Right Plant:

The following are a few pointers that will assist you in selecting the appropriate plants for the conditions of your bathroom:

  1. Low-light showers are perfect for plants like Aloe vera, bamboo, orchids, spider plants, heart-leaf philodendrons, and Boston ferns. These plants typically only require a small amount of light to thrive, and some, like aloe-vera, require very little water; in fact, the humidity from your shower may be more than enough.
  2. Plants for the bathroom are more versatile if you have a big window to let in natural light. Plants like gardenias, azaleas, and asparagus ferns are also great options.
  3. Think about getting a plant that thrives in high humidity if you frequently take hot showers. Humidity-absorbing plants like bamboo, chinese evergreens, english ivy, and gerbera daisies are highly sought after. Keep in mind that bamboo needs regular care because it grows quickly and must be shaped or contained with barriers if you decide to use it.

To keep a plant in the shower is not only on trend but also does not limit your mobility. Consider placing the plant on a shelf or windowsill if you don't have room for it in the shower area. You can't deny that this style breathes new life into a stale space in your home.

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