5 Flawless Women’s Wide Leg & Flared Jeans at Everlane 

By Finn Caddel  •  On 15 Nov 2023

Everlane's selection of five exquisite women's wide-leg and flared jeans that redefine modern design will help you step into timeless elegance. These finely created items are meant to highlight shapes while expressing adaptability and refinement. Everlane provides a handpicked range that flawlessly integrates new trends with timeless charm, from classic wide-leg shapes to stylish flared designs. Everlane's commitment to quality materials and sustainable procedures is reflected in each pair of jeans, delivering not just a flattering fit but also an eco-conscious approach to fashion. Join us as we look at five outstanding denim options that are ready to become wardrobe staples for people looking for both fashion-forward patterns and long-lasting comfort in their everyday wear.

Top 5 Women’s Wide Leg & Flared Jeans from Everlane

Elevate your style with these ultimate wide leg & flared jeans from Everlane. 

The Kick Bootcut Jean

The Kick Bootcut Jean from Everlane embodies timeless beauty with a contemporary twist. This classic denim garment is the ideal blend of retro-inspired elegance and modern flare. The Kick Bootcut Jean features a flattering design that elongates the legs while giving a relaxed and comfortable fit throughout. This jean is crafted from quality organic cotton with a touch of stretch for comfort of movement, as part of Everlane's commitment to sustainable methods. The Kick Bootcut Jean seamlessly transitions from day to night, whether dressed up with heels for a classy appearance or worn informally with sneakers for a carefree attitude, making it a flexible and elegant addition to any wardrobe seeking both comfort and elegance. Buy Now! 

The Way-Wide Crop Jean

The Way-Wide Crop Jean by Everlane is a modern denim masterpiece that redefines casual elegance. This denim emits a fashion-forward feel while providing a relaxed and comfortable fit thanks to its unusual wide-leg design and cropped length. It is made of high-quality organic cotton denim and represents Everlane's dedication to sustainability and durability. The wide-leg silhouette adds a sleek and modern twist to a traditional style, allowing for simple dressing that smoothly transitions between casual excursions and more sophisticated settings. The Way-Wide Crop Jean is a flexible and trendy addition to any fashion enthusiast's closet, delivering both comfort and modern charm when combined with sneakers for an easygoing approach or dressed up with heels for a trendsetting ensemble.Buy Now!

The Way-High® Sailor Jean

Everlane's The Way-High® Sailor Jean embodies both classic elegance and modern flare. This elevated denim garment has a flattering high-rise shape and distinctive sailor-inspired button design, which lends vintage charm to a modern silhouette. It is made from top-tier organic cotton denim, which promotes comfort while also reflecting Everlane's dedication to sustainability. The Way-High® Sailor Jean mixes classic sophistication with a touch of nostalgia, making it a flexible and elegant complement to any outfit. This denim stands out as a statement item that exemplifies both style and comfort, whether combined with a casual shirt for a relaxed appearance or dressed up with a top for a more polished combination. Buy Now!

The Gardener Jean

The Gardener Jean from Everlane is a tribute to functionality and timeless design. This denim offers loose fit and practical accents that inspire a feeling of rustic refinement, with a reference to utilitarian design. Its long-lasting organic cotton denim structure provides comfort and endurance, making it suitable for everyday use. The Gardener Jean has utilitarian features like many pockets and a slightly tapered leg, which provide adaptability and ease of movement. This jean emanates a combination of usefulness and design, making it an important addition to any wardrobe striving for a blend of comfort and utilitarian elegance, whether engaged in outdoor activities or seeking a laid-back yet trendy style. Buy Now!

The Baggy Jean

The Baggy Jean from Everlane is a modern twist on laidback, vintage-inspired denim design. This jean delivers an effortlessly stylish and laid-back vibe with its loose, relaxed fit and reference to '90s design. It is made of superior organic cotton denim and stresses comfort and sustainability, resulting in a soft feel and durability. The Baggy Jean is a slightly larger design that is comfortable and easy to dress for everyday wear. This denim stands out as a flexible and fashion-forward garment that conveys a sense of modern nostalgia in today's wardrobe options, whether coupled with a tucked-in shirt for a relaxed attitude or styled with a fitted jacket for an edgy contrast. Buy Now!


Everlane's collection of five immaculate women's wide-leg and flared jeans exemplifies the brand's dedication to timeless elegance, adaptability, and sustainability. From the traditional Kick Bootcut Jean to the current Way-Wide Crop Jean and the vintage-inspired Way-High® Sailor Jean, each precisely created item delivers a distinct combination of refinement and comfort. Everlane offers durability, style, and eco-consciousness by focusing on quality organic cotton denim and attentive design touches. Whether you like the relaxing elegance of The Gardener Jean or the effortless coolness of The Baggy Jean, this collection caters to a wide range of preferences while adhering to a common thread of quality and a fashion-forward sensibility. These stunning wide-leg and flared jeans not only elevate wardrobes, but they also demonstrate Everlane's commitment to creating elegant, sustainable apparel.

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