5 Must Have Jonathan Adler Home Decor Items

By Liam Ashley  •  On 03 Jun 2023

Hello and welcome to the world of chic and modern home décor with a whimsical sophistication! If you like design, you've probably heard of Jonathan Adler, the renowned interior designer and potter who has revolutionized the home decor business with his bold and eclectic aesthetic. Jonathan Adler has become identified with luxury and unusual home design pieces that enrich any environment, from his renowned pottery to his eye-catching accessories. 

Best Jonathan Adler Home Decor Items

This blog post will go over five must-have Jonathan Adler home decor pieces that will give a touch of luxury and flair to your home. Whether you're a long-time Jonathan Adler fan or new to his work, prepare to be wowed by some genuinely magnificent items that will transform your house into a sophisticated haven. So, let's plunge in and discover Jonathan Adler's world of home décor!

Jonathan Adler Hand-Knotted Round Rug


Jonathan Adler's Sunburst Hand-Knotted Round Rug is a must-have for opulence and glamour. Inspired by Jonathan Adler's Talitha collection's hand-stamped relief pattern, this luxurious rug is made of the finest materials. The sunburst design's densely hand-woven shaggy pile is made from glistening viscose and super-soft wool. Its high knot count ensures durability and softness. The low-shed, high-dimensional rug made from recessed wool is beautiful and practical. The Jonathan Adler Sunburst Hand-Knotted Round Rug adds sophistication and elegance to any room with its unique design and impeccable craftsmanship. Shop Now

Jonathan Adler Sinsemilla Beaded Pillow


The Jonathan Adler Sinsemilla Beaded Pillow brings color and playfulness to your home. This gorgeous pillow is a work of art that will brighten any room and your mood! This rainbow-emblazoned pillow shows that a little extra cush can add style and personality to your space. This pillow, made with an Indian artisanal workshop, showcases Jonathan Adler's impeccable craftsmanship and soul. Hand-beaded on linen, each piece has beads of different heights and patterns within patterns to create depth and dimension. The pop art and textile masterpiece will be a conversation starter in your home. The Jonathan Adler Sinsemilla Beaded Pillow is a must-have home decor item that will elevate any room's style and make a statement. Shop Now

Jonathan Adler Dora Urn Vase


Jonathan Adler's Dora Maar Urn, a masterpiece, will elevate your home decor. Dora Maar, Pablo Picasso's lover and muse, was a French photographer, poet, and painter. This urn depicts her flawless features. The unglazed urn's intricate details of Dora Maar's face make it a work of art from every angle. This urn is unique because Jonathan Adler's geometric relief patterns are replaced with body parts like faces, breasts, and lips, creating a surreal and avant-garde style. The Dora Maar Urn is a statement piece inspired by Jonathan Adler's muses. The Dora Maar Urn is a must-have for art and design lovers who appreciate unconventional and striking home decor. The Jonathan Adler Dora Maar Urn makes a bold and artistic statement in your home. Shop Now

Jonathan Adler Riviera Ripple Mirror


The Jonathan Adler Riviera Ripple Mirror, a must-have home decor item, blends traditional and modern design elements to add glamour to your home. The shield shape of this mirror is updated with a wave design across the top. Riviera is a glamorous update on classic French 50s rattan. The mirror is made from natural reeds that are steeped in water, hand-fastened to a sturdy framework, and finished with a honey-toned stain and glossy lacquer topcoat for a warm, Riviera-inspired neutral hue. The Riviera Ripple Mirror's impeccable style will make a statement in your foyer or above a console. Its unique design and impeccable craftsmanship make it a focal point in any room, adding sophistication and style. Don't miss Jonathan Adler's Riviera Ripple Mirror, a perfect blend of classic and modern design that will elevate your home's aesthetics. Shop Now

Jonathan Adler Muse Couleur Tomate Candle


The Jonathan Adler Muse Couleur Tomate Candle, a must-have home decor item, combines exquisite fragrance and stunning design. Jonathan Adler paired their three freshest Pop fragrances—grapefruit, tomato, and sea salt—with their iconic Muse pots, each with a glossy bold-colored interior, creating a scentsory match. The Muse Couleur Tomate Candle smells like a lush garden and a Roman Palazzo balcony in July, with tomato leaves, rhubarb, basil, crushed thyme, and sandalwood. The scent transforms your home into a sensory paradise.

The Muse Couleur Tomate Candle is both a decorative and fragrant home accessory. After the candle burns out, the vessel can be used as a small pot to decorate your home. The Muse Couleur Tomate Candle is a thoughtful hostess gift in a gift box. The Jonathan Adler Muse Couleur Tomate Candle, with its exquisite fragrance, stunning design, and versatile functionality, is a must-have for your home decor collection, enhancing the ambiance and leaving a lasting impression. Shop Now

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