7 Best Bombshell Sportswear Bodysuits of 2023

By Finn Caddel  •  On 06 Sep 2023

Hi there, and welcome to our feature on the "7 Best Bombshell Sportswear Bodysuits of 2023"—a collection of the newest and most innovative athletic wear. With the arrival of a new year, Bombshell Sportswear is pushing the limits of style and utility in the sportswear industry. Delivering top-notch bodysuits that inspire women in their everyday lives and fitness adventures, Bombshell Sportswear is known for its uncompromising commitment to quality, style, and performance. Whether you're heading to the gym, doing yoga, or just going about your everyday business, these bodysuits are made to fit you perfectly and provide the ideal balance of style and utility. Experience the future of activewear meets the present as we take you on a tour through the best Bombshell Sportswear bodysuits of 2023, boosting your active lifestyle in ways you never would have thought possible.

Best Women's Bodysuits from Bombshell Sportswear 

Let's delve in and explore some stylish hoodies from Bombshell Sportswear. 

Bombshell Bodysuit 

The adaptable and smartly designed Bombshell Bodysuit meets your gym and non-gym demands. Its built-in sports bra with light push-up capabilities keeps you comfortable and confident during workouts. Open back with a V-shape design provides style and breathability, and adjustable double straps provide a customizable fit. The scrunch butt detailing emphasizes your contours, and the seam-free front ensures a smooth, irritation-free experience. This Bombshell Sportswear bodysuit is a beauty with a flatlock inseam for durability and removable pads for versatility. It fits every part of your athletic lifestyle and keeps you looking and feeling great. This bodysuit delivers unmatched comfort, support, and style for the gym or daily life. Buy Now!

Form Bodysuit

The FORM Bodysuit is the ideal choice for lifting females, providing a perfect balance of elegance and functionality adapted to your personal requirements. It provides outstanding support during your lifting exercises while remaining securely in place thanks to the built-in sports bra. The heather fabric not only gives a fashionable accent, but it also skillfully conceals any flaws. The bodysuit's flattering cut emphasizes your figure, and the rounded butt seams highlight your curves for a confident look. You can move freely and comfortably throughout your workouts thanks to the 4-way stretch technology, and the removable modesty pads provide a configurable level of covering. The supporting straps provide additional security, and the lack of a front seam reduces irritation. The FORM Bodysuit, with an inseam of 26 inches, is designed to match the demands of your lifting program, making it an essential addition to your activewear wardrobe. Buy Now!

Laced Bodysuit 

The Laced Bodysuit is adaptable enough for the gym and other activities. Its fixed lace-up front adds style and secures the fit. With a built-in sports bra for support, you can handle workouts and more. The V-back adds style, while the broad strap crossover and open back provide comfort and breathability. No front seam means no irritation, and replaceable cushions let you modify your coverage. The Laced Bodysuit blends fashion and utility to help you look and feel your best at the gym or in your active lifestyle. Buy Now!

Sculpted Bodysuit

The Sculpted Bodysuit is excellent for a day at the office, a hard exercise, or a beautiful evening out. This bodysuit has a built-in sports bra for unyielding support and a solid fit, ensuring comfort and confidence throughout the day. Its 4-way stretch fabric offers for freedom of movement and flatters your shape. Removable modesty pads let you tailor covering, and comfy straps make you feel comfortable. No front seam means no pain. The Sculpted Bodysuit is the perfect transitional garment from work to workout to evening out, giving unmatched design, utility, and comfort. Buy Now!

Laced Bodysuit Shorts 

The Laced Bodysuit Shorts are the right combination of fashion and function for the gym and your active lifestyle outside of it. These comfy 5 1/4-inch inseam shorts provide enough coverage for diverse activities. The fixed lace-up front provides style and a secure, customizable fit. You can workout confidently with a built-in sports bra. The wide strap crossover and open back provide comfort and ventilation, while the V-back adds elegance. Enjoy irritation-free wear without a front seam and customizable coverage with removable cushions. The Laced Bodysuit Shorts provide unmatched style, support, and versatility for the gym or daily travel. Buy Now!

Bombshell Bodysuits Shorts 

The Bombshell Bodysuit Shorts are the ultimate of adaptable activewear, designed for gym workouts and more. To ensure a great fit, go up if you're in between sizes. These comfy shorts include a 5 1/4-inch inseam for just enough coverage. The built-in sports bra supports light push-ups, boosting workout confidence. These shorts bring style to your athletic wear with adjustable double straps and an open back with a V-shape. The scrunch butt detailing highlights your curves, and the front seamless design prevents irritation. With flatlock inseam stitching and removable padding, the Bombshell Bodysuit Shorts are the perfect choice for a seamless transition from the gym to your active lifestyle, combining style, functionality, and comfort. Buy Now!

Sculpted Bodysuit Shorts 

The Sculpted Bodysuit Shorts are the perfect activewear for everywhere from daily routines to extreme exercises. These shorts stay in place all day thanks to a built-in sports bra for support and confidence. Their appealing shape improves your body, while the 4-way stretch fabric enables for unfettered movement during workouts or daily activities. Removable modesty pads let you tailor covering, and supportive straps offer comfort. No front seam means no itching. With a 3.5-inch inseam, these shorts offer style, support, and comfort for any situation. Buy Now!


Bombshell Sportswear pioneers design and function, creating bodysuits that meet modern women's different needs. These bodysuits are reliable for the gym, daily life, and fashionable evenings out. Bombshell Sportswear continues to encourage women to look and feel their best with built-in sports bras, supportive designs, innovative fabrics, and appealing fits. The perfect addition to any outfit, these bodysuits prove that activewear can be stylish and comfortable. These Bombshell Sportswear bodysuits set the standard for activewear in 2023.

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